REVIEW – His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

His Majesty's Dragon (Naomi Novik)

His Majesty’s Dragon (Naomi Novik)

Title: His Majesty’s Dragon
Author: Naomi Novik
Copyright: 2006 (Del Rey); 342 pgs.
ISBN: 978-0-345-48128-3
Series: Temeraire #1
Sensuality: N/A
Genre: Historical Fantasy

Summary: Much of the book is about Captain Will Laurence and Teremaire learning the ways of the British Aerial Corp and preparing to take their place in the war against Napoleon. Laurence has come into the Aerial Corp unexpectedly and almost against his will. He was the captain of the HMS Reliant, of His Majesty’s Navy, when he and his crew captured the French frigate carrying an unhatched dragon’s egg. Since dragons are a valuable asset, Laurence knows his duty is to see that a member of his crew becomes its aviator. Things don’t go according to plan and Laurence has no choice but to leave the Navy behind. Being an aviator is even more of a hardship than the being in the Navy. Ships dock and the crew can disperse to their homes and families. An aviator, whether at war or not, has to take care of his dragon. In the very beginning, Laurence isn’t happy about his situation. But the more time he spends with Teremaire, he realizes he wouldn’t trade the dragon for any ship in the Navy. They share a close bond.

Comments: The world of the aviators is interesting. There are female aviators because there is a breed of dragon that prefers females. Like the Navy, children are sent to the training grounds at a young age, both male and female. Laurence is a little taken aback by this, but he doesn’t get too hung up about it for long. To the other aviators, it’s natural, since it the way they’ve been brought up. Because of the way Laurence became an aviator, there is some initial resentment and reserve. Many of the lieutenants have been waiting years for a dragon and Laurence is an outsider.

This series has been sitting on my self for a while. Actually, I gave the first four books to my mother a few years ago and only just recently repurchased them. My mother was looking for something to read and she loved the series so much, I told her she could keep them.

I really enjoyed this book. The author was able to integrate the dragons into the world, yet it still had the feel of the era as it truly was.

Start: 10 September 2011
Finished: 17 September 2012


Really Liked It A Lot! Great read! May keep it, may give it away/swap.

Liked It A Lot!

Disclaimer: I purchased this book.
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