2012 Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-thon


What: 2012 Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-thon
When: 4 – 12 August 2012
Who: Jennifer (Some Like It Paranormal)

Let’s see how well I do with this one. 😀

Well, my first goal is to finally finish Soulless. This read-a-thon is a little longer than usual, since it spans two weekends, so I’m going to set my page goal and time goal a little higher. I’m aiming for 1,000 pages and 50 hours.

I’ve got a few books picked out that I would like to read this week:

  • Soulless (G. Carriger)
  • Gunmetal Magic and the short story, Magic Gifts  (I. Andrews)
  • Something About You (J. James)
  • a cozy mystery or romantic suspense
  • a historical

I’m leaving the last two open, in case I’m in the mood for a specific series or author.

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