Bout of Books 5.0: Friday Update


Bout of Books

Update for: 17 August 2012
Currently Reading: A Not-So-Perfect Past (B. Andrews)
Starting page: 1/245
Ending page: 147/245
Number of pages read: 147
Total time: 5 hours, 15 minutes
Books completed: 0

Read-a-thon Totals:
Number of pages read: 431
Total time: 13 hours, 00 minutes
Books completed: 1 (+ 1 short story)
Angels’ Blood (N. Singh)
“Angels’ Judgement”, Angels’ Flight (N. Singh)

~~ & ~~

Goals for this read-a-thon
Total time: 24 hours
Total Pages Read: 950
Total Number of Books read: 4
Book Goals:

  • finish Angels’ Blood (N. Singh)
  • A Not-So-Perfect Past (B. Andrews) a book with a couple hugging/embracing (for a reading challenge). Not sure what it will be — depends on mood
  • Gunmetal Magic and “Magic Gifts” (I. Andrews)
  • TBD — another “depending on my mood” book

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