2012 FrightFall Read-a-thon Wrap Up


2012 FrightFall RAT

Slow start, an unexpected 4-hour nap on Friday (had a sinus headache, laid down at 10am and woke at 2pm!), and a play on Sunday cut into my reading time. The headache and nap threw me off — I had errands to run.

However, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t miss my goals by much, and I think I would have finished the third book if I skipped the play (I wouldn’t have — I have season tickets) or not taken such a long nap. 😉

Read-a-thon totals:
Number of pages read: 840 (missed goal by 10 pages — 850
Total time: 22 hours, 00 minutes (missed goal by 2 hours — 24 hours)
Books completed: 2 (goal – 3)
Bound by Flame (Anna Windsor)
The Kingdom (Amanda Stevens)

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2012 FrightFall Read-a-thon Wrap Up — 4 Comments

    • Thanks, Aleksandra. 😀

      Sorry about not replying sooner. The Kingdom was great — I think it was creepy and Gothic. A good pick for this time of year. Family secrets, mysterious graves, an old cemetery under water. Ghosts. And there’s even an explanation for why Amelia can see the dead.

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