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Notes on a BookSometimes, the notes I take after reading a book are enough to further expand into some kind of review. Other times, I don’t take enough and/or wait too long to expand upon them. And then there are the times I don’t bother writing anything down immediately (thinking I might do so later), and end up having to spend time trying to remember what I liked/didn’t like. So, for those time when I fall too far behind or don’t have enough notes, I decided that I will just post what I have as “notes on” that particular book.

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Holiday Hideout

Holiday Hideout (Anthology)

Title: Holiday Hideout
Authors: Vicki Lewis Thompson; Jill Shalvis; Julie Kenner
Copyright: 2011 (Harlequin); 313 pgs.
ISBN: 978-0-373-83762-5
Series: N/A
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Three holiday stories, one Tahoe cabin.

“The Thanksgiving Fix” (Vicki Lewis Thompson)

Beth Davis is happy being single; she just wishes her family understood that and stopped trying to set her up with blide dates, especially during the holidays.  She ends up renting the Tahoe cabin in order to avoid such a fate during Thanksgiving.  Coinneach “Mac” McFarland, the local handy man employed by the owners to keep it in working order, is also in a similar situation.  Single and happy, but also the only son, he’s being pressured to marry and produces some grandchildren — especially sons.

Comments:  What I liked most about this story was how much the couple got to know each other in the beginning of the story.  They were able to be more open and honest with each other about their views since neither was looking for any type of relationship — both had been on the brink of marriage before, and they talk about what went wrong with those relationships.

I really enjoyed the characters and the story. (5 stars)

“The Christmas Set-Up” (Jill Shalvis)

Two architects in the same firm — Jason Monroe and Zoe Anders — are competing for the same coveted project and a promotion in the company.  Jason is driven by his personal obligations and responsibilities; Zoe to prove herself successful.  Thanks to the meddling of a third party, they both end up at the Tahoe cabin and snowed in.

Comments:  Of the three stories, this one didn’t work for me as well as the others.  It wasn’t the characters — Jason’s reasons for needing the potion made sense and so did his lack of Christmas spirit; Zoe’s need to prove herself because of her super-accomplished siblings worked as well.  It was how the story wrapped up that didn’t work for me. (3 Stars)

“The New Year’s Deal” (Julie Kenner)

Five years ago a Harvard-bound couple, Cleo Daire and Josh Goodson, went their separate ways.  Cleo went on to Harvard Law and Josh took over his family-owned mining company.  Before they parted, they promised to reunite on New Year’s Eve.

Comments:  At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this story.  What made it work for me was the role-reversal.  Cleo is the one who goes off to live her dream as a lawyer in a DC firm and it is Josh who puts his dream of Harvard aside to keep the family business running.  Josh is successful in his business, but he also put aside his dreams of expansion — traveling and setting up offices globally.  It is important to Cloe that Josh pursues his dream and not be guilt-tripped into staying in Nevada by his family.  She’s worried that Josh might come to regret it if they got together and started a family of their own.

Like the first story, I liked it a lot. (5 stars)

Start: 25 November 2012
Finished: 26 November 2012


Really Liked It A Lot! Great read! May keep it, may give it away/swap.

Liked It A Lot!

Disclaimer: I purchased this book.
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