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Wrapping up the Christmas edition of “Spotlight On. . .” is a book by Carla Kelly.  It’s an anthology, of sorts, containing three short stories that span three generations of the same family.  All three take place during a war, so the “home for the holiday” aspect has more significance than just visiting distant relatives.  It’s not on my initial list for the Christmas Spirit challenge; however, I’m still in the mood for Christmas stories, so I might read this one before the New Year.

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Coming Home for Christmas

Coming Home for Christmas (Carla Kelly)

Title: Coming Home for Christmas
Author: Carla Kelly
Series: N/A
Published: 2011
Genre: Historical Romance

From Goodreads:
…Three soldiers, three generations, finding love at Christmas

1812: A Christmas in Paradise

To save nurse Laura Ortiz from destitution, British naval surgeon Thomas Wilkie has made her an offer this Christmas— — a marriage of convenience….

1855: O Christmas Tree

A generation later, it’s Thomas and Laura’s daughter, widowed lone mother Lilian, who’s working as a nurse in the Crimea. Christmas seems a long way away—until Major Trey Wharton helps her bring back the festive sparkle.

1877: No Crib for a Bed

Lilian’s son Captain Wilkie Wharton is finally on his way home from Fort Laramie. It’s a long, arduous, life-changing train journey …which sees him discover his soul mate and the true meaning of Christmas!

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