2013 Sequel Reading Challenge



What: 2013 Sequel Challenge 2009
When: 1 January – 31 December 2013
Who: Auntie Spinelli Reads
Rules: Started a new series, but haven’t gotten around to reading the next book?  The goal of this challenge is to read as many sequels as you can — or need.  As long as the book is the 2nd, or later, in the series it counts.  Novellas and short stories that are half-steps also count (#1.5 counts, but not #0.5).  The total number of books is entirely up to the individual.

My goal will be 12 books. Additionally, I’ve decided that they will all be the 2nd in the series.

I will track my progress on my master reading challenge page.

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Looking over the challenges I was signing up for, I noticed that several of the potential candidates were 2nd in a series. I thought this would be an easy one to finish, provided I was diligent with the others.  When I was consulting my database as to how many 2nd books were waiting to be read, I stopped counting after the 20th — some of the series only have two books so far (2013 will see the 3rd book released) and I need to know if I’ll be continuing the series.  I’ve got too many series that I haven’t started, but I’m buying the next in the series as they are released.

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