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Notes on a BookSometimes, the notes I take after reading a book are enough to further expand into some kind of review. Other times, I don’t take enough and/or wait too long to expand upon them. And then there are the times I don’t bother writing anything down immediately (thinking I might do so later), and end up having to spend time trying to remember what I liked/didn’t like. So, for those time when I fall too far behind or don’t have enough notes, I decided that I will just post what I have as “notes on” that particular book.

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Changeless (Gail Carriger)

Title: Changeless
Author: Gail Carriger
Copyright: 2010 (Orbit); 374 pgs.
ISBN: 978-0-316-07414-8
Series: Parasol Protectorate #2
Genre: Steampunk/Fantasy

From GoodreadsAlexia Tarabotti, the Lady Woolsey, awakens in the wee hours of the mid-afternoon to find her husband, who should be decently asleep like any normal werewolf, yelling at the top of his lungs. Then he disappears – leaving her to deal with a regiment of supernatural soldiers encamped on her doorstep, a plethora of exorcised ghosts, and an angry Queen Victoria.

But Alexia is armed with her trusty parasol, the latest fashions, and an arsenal of biting civility. Even when her investigations take her to Scotland, the backwater of ugly waistcoats, she is prepared: upending werewolf pack dynamics as only the soulless can.

She might even find time to track down her wayward husband, if she feels like it.

Comments: I really can’t talk about the plot because of spoilers. I knew how Lord Maccon would react to the revelation near the end — having read the back blurbs for the later books. On one hand, his reaction was consistent with his character. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to something he instinctively knows to be impossible. He’s also someone who was betrayed before by the very people who should have been loyal to him.

I’m a bit disappointed that Alexia didn’t get into his face more — maybe point out that his sense of smell could have cleared up the issue. I expected her to try harder.  She’s such a strong person, it almost seemed out-of-character for her to let him walk off the way he does.

Other than that, I enjoyed the book. I will be reading the next one.

Start: 22 October 2012
Finished: 28 October 2012


Really Liked It A Lot! Great read! May keep it, may give it away/swap.

Liked It A Lot!

Disclaimer: I purchased this book.
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