Completed – 2012 Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge


The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge 2012

What: 2012 The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge
When: 19 November 2012 – 6 January 2013
Who: Michelle (The Christmas Spirit)
Rules: Read Christmas stories. For details, go here.

Level: Christmas Tree (5-6 books) 7

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I read more books than I required, but I could have read more, too, had I not needed to read other things for other challenges.  I went on a shopping spree, of sorts, and bought several ebook Christmas short stories.  I’ve got a nice stash for either a Christmas in July-type read, or for the 2013 Christmas season.  Hopefully, they will be more Christmas-y than the batch I read this season.

This is a challenge I look forward to doing and I hope that Michelle will continue hosting it. 🙂

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