Under the weather


The roller-coaster weather we’ve been having around here has finally won — I’ve been coping with a cold for the last few days. I’ve been reading sporadically, but I’ve not been in the mood to do much else on-line other than an occasional post on Goodreads, etc.

Even thought I’m still reading for A Winter’s Respite Read-a-thon, I’m officially out. Still plan a wrap-up post at some point. I’m not going to worry about blogging for the next week or so. Before I came down with this cold, I was working on some mundane household projects and having a ball fiddling with a budgeting software recommended to me by a co-worker. These projects also impacted my reading/updating schedule — instead of stressing about it, I’ll just be a little behind on everything and accept it. 🙂

Note: Due to the excessive amount of spam, I’ve added a password plugin. Please don’t let that discourage you from commenting.

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