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Since February is usually associated with Valentine’s Day, this month’s theme will be romance. Not the most original idea, but it’s a starting point. My goal is to feature four different types/sub-genres: paranormal, contemporary, classic. This month, the featured Daughters of England book fits the monthly theme and be a representative of Gothic romance.

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The Dark Gate was originally picked to be part of January’s Presidential Inauguration theme because it was set in Washington, DC and featured a landmark as a gateway to another world. It is also the first book in a paranormal romance mini-series by Harlequin Nocturne (formerly Silhouette Nocturne), so it works well for the February theme, too.

I read The Dark Gate back in 2007 (Review). It was one of the first Nocturnes I ever read and had a very creepy villain.  I haven’t read the last book in the mini-series, yet, but the first three are favorites of mine. I enjoyed the world and the characters the author created.

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The Dark Gate (Pamela Palmer)

The Dark Gate
(Pamela Palmer)

Title: The Dark Gate
Author: Pamela Palmer
Series: The Esri #1
Published: 2007
Genre: Paranormal Romance

From the back: Larsen Vale has a secret: she sees things. Terrible things. Deadly things. And her latest vision features a strange albino man. . . and her own death. Haunted and afraid, she trusts no one, not even the handsome cop who seems fascinated with her. Washington, D.C. detective Jack Hallihan has one mission: find the man who is assaulting young woman. But the police have no clues, no leads and no witnesses. And Jack has a deadly secret of his own — a secret Larsen holds the key to. Time is running out. If Larsen and Jack can’t learn to trust their attraction to each other, the Gate will be opened — and the world will be forever changed. . .

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Inspired by the many weekly memes about books.

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