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Despite my well-intentioned efforts over the last several years, I’ve yet to make much progress with my Georgette Heyer Perpetual Reading Challenge.  This year, I have a double incentive to read her books:  I’ve signed up for a vintage mystery challenge.  I’ve enjoyed her writing and it’s a shame that I don’t make more of an effort to read her novels.

This book is on my Spring Reading List. I’ve done well, so far, with sticking to the list, so I’m pretty sure it will be read before the end of May!

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The Unfinished Clue Georgette Heyer

The Unfinished Clue
Georgette Heyer

Title: The Unfinished Clue
Author: Georgette Heyer
Series: N/A
Published: 1937
Genre: Mystery

From Goodreads: A houseful of people he loathes is not Sir Arthur’s worst problem…

It should have been a lovely English country-house weekend. But the unfortunate guest-list is enough to exasperate a saint, and the host, Sir Arthur Billington-Smith, is an abusive wretch hated by everyone from his disinherited son to his wife’s stoic would-be lover. When Sir Arthur is found stabbed to death, no one is particularly grieved–and no one has an alibi. The unhappy guests fi nd themselves under the scrutiny of Scotland Yard’s cool-headed Inspector Harding, who has solved tough cases before–but this time, the talented young inspector discovers much more than he’s bargained for.

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