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Once a month, a book from the Daughters of England series by Philippa Carr will be featured.  Besides Goodreads and Fantastic Fiction, the source for some of the book covers and blurbs is Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert (aka Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr), a very useful fan site.  Included on the site is a nifty family tree on the bottom of the page.  Consider it a SPOILER for the series.

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The 3rd book in the series is the first book to have two narrators:  Linnet Pennlyon, daughter of Jake and Catharine; and Tamsyn Casvellyn, daughter of Linnet  and Colum.  It is the only one that features a mother-daughter duo — the fourth book, for instance, features sisters.  The mysteries that are chronicled in Linnet’s “journal” are resolved in Tamsyn’s.

As I’ve mentioned in the Spotlight for The Lion Triumphant, this was my first Philippa Carr. I  think it’s the most Gothic, the most like a Victoria Holt novel, than the first two.

I’m pretty sure I won’t get to this book by the end of April, so I’m now two books behind my original schedule.  This is actually a good thing because my original plan was to post a Spotlight one month and then read the book the following month.  This delay will put me back on that schedule.

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The Witch from the Sea Philippa Carr

The Witch from the Sea
Philippa Carr

Title: The Witch from the Sea
Author: Philippa Carr
Series: Daughters of England #3
Published: 1975
Genre: Historical Romance, Historical Fiction

From Goodreads: A reluctant bride has just begun to love her volatile husband when she rescues a mysterious woman who will bring terrible danger to them all

Linnet Pennlyon, proud daughter of a sea captain, finds herself in a vicious trap: Pregnancy has forced her to marry the cunning Squire Colum Casvellyn. Once their baby is born, she devotes herself to their son. Yet, little by little, against her will, Linnet finds herself drawn to her passionate, mercurial husband. Dark secrets lurk in their castle: The squire’s first wife died amid rumors of foul play. When a beautiful stranger washes up on the shore, Linnet suddenly finds she’s no longer in control of her family—or her life.

It falls to Linnet’s daughter, Tamsyn, to uncover the truth about a long-ago night . . . and put to rest the rumors about her beloved mother. Her discovery sets in motion an unstoppable chain of events that will reverberate for decades to come.

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Inspired by the many weekly memes about books.

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