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Once a month, a book from the Daughters of England series by Philippa Carr will be featured. Besides Goodreads and Fantastic Fiction, the source for some of the book covers/blurbs is Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert (aka Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr), a very useful fan site. Included on the site is a nifty family tree on the bottom of the page. Consider it a SPOILER for the series.

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It was the fifth book that got me hooked on the series. it also the start of a slightly different approach to her family saga. Up until this point, once the female narrator moves on to her new life in a new location, the old one eventually fades off to memory. For instance, we never went back to Caseman’s Court or St. Bruno’s, nor did we re-visit Carlos, Jacko, Penn, and Edwina at Lyon’s Court.  No reconnecting with half-siblings and cousins.

That changes with Arabella becoming part of the Eversleigh family.  Though there are a few “side trips” (books set in other places — France, for instance), the “family” eventually returns to Eversleigh Court.  The Return of the Gypsy (Daughters of England #11) is one of the last books that I remember reading and its narrator, Jessica Frenshaw, lives there during the Napoleonic Wars, though her mother spent most of her life in France.  Interestingly, both of Jessica’s parents can trace their lineages back to Arabella’s daughter, Priscilla.  The lives of Carlotta and Damaris’s descendents are intertwined through the generations.

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Lament for a Lost Lover Philippa Carr

Lament for a Lost Lover
Philippa Carr

Title: Lament for a Lost Lover
Author: Philippa Carr
Series: Daughters of England #5
Published: 1977
Genre: Historical Romance, Historical Fiction

From Goodreads: Under the sway of the puritanical Oliver Cromwell, England simmers with religious persecution and political unrest. Like their exiled king, Arabella Tolworthy and her parents have retreated to France but yearn for their native country. When Arabella is separated from her family, she makes her way alone in an increasingly dangerous world and meets two people who will change her life: an actress named Harriet Main and the dashing nobleman Edwin Eversleigh. As the British king is restored to his rightful throne, Arabella’s odyssey mirrors the strife and turbulence of her beloved homeland. As she tries to make peace with her past, she’s confronted with an unexpected threat to her future—and a second chance at lasting love.

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