2015 Wrap-up post


I’ve updated my 2015 Master Reading List.

I did really good last year. During the last few months, I started listening to audiobooks, which were mostly re-reads, with the exceptions being Mockingjay, A Christmas CarolA Vision in White and Oliver Twist. My stats for the year 74 books, 34 audiobooks, and 11 short stories, for a total of 119. I didn’t  manually track number of pages, but  Goodreads says 36,680, with an average of  330 pages .  Though, based on the stats so far 2016, I’m not sure how Goodreads is counting Audiobook page numbers. I will use the most popular paperback edition page number for this year’s stats.

I’m not doing a Top Ten for 2015. I will list favorite monthly reads.

As far as stuff for 2016. I resurrected my personal seasonal challenge. I just re-used the(winter)  list of prompts from 2014, since I never got to use it (my stoke was in November and the Winter challenge starts in December). Starting  with Spring there will be 16 prompts instead of 14. I will  continue tracking my other on-going personal challenges



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