Favorite Books of 2012


As usual, when it comes time to pick my favorite books for the year, I find it hard to narrow it down. Pretty much all the books I gave 5 stars are favorites. That’s about 30, counting the novellas/short stories. … Continue reading

REVIEW – Dark Awakening by Kendra Leigh Castle


Title: Dark Awakening Author: Kendra Leigh Castle Copyright: 2011 (Forever); 331 pgs. ISBN: 978-1-60941-837-3 Series: Dark Dynasties #1 Genre: Paranormal Romance Summary: Tynan “Ty” MacGillivray is vampire of the Cait Sith bloodline — he can shape shift into a cat. … Continue reading

REVIEW – Phantom Shadows by Dianne Duvall


Title: Phantom Shadows Author: Dianne Duvall Copyright: 2012 (Zebra); 390 pgs. ISBN: 978-1-4201-1863-6 Series: Immortal Guardians #3 Genre: Paranormal Romance **** Spoilers for 1st book **** Summary: The third book in this series features Sebastien Newcombe, the Immortal Guardian who … Continue reading


REVIEW – Ember’s Kiss by Deborah Cooke


Title: Ember’s Kiss Author: Deborah Cooke Copyright: 2012 (Signet); 393 pgs. ISBN: 978-0-451-23825-2 Series: Dragonfire #8 Genre: Paranormal Romance Summary:  Brandon Merrick is the youngest Pyr featured in this series — he’s not even thirty years old and both his … Continue reading


Notes On. . .The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens


Sometimes, the notes I take after reading a book are enough to further expand into some kind of review. Other times, I don’t take enough and/or wait too long to expand upon them. And then there are the times I … Continue reading