2015 Wrap-up post


I’ve updated my 2015 Master Reading List. I did really good last year. During the last few months, I started listening to audiobooks, which were mostly re-reads, with the exceptions being Mockingjay, A Christmas Carol,  A Vision in White and … Continue reading


Monthly Update – December 2012


Well, better late than never… December is normally a slow reading month, but December 2012 went better than I expected. As a consequence, I couldn’t work on this wrap-up earlier and it is one of the reason I’m so late. … Continue reading


Favorite Books of 2012


As usual, when it comes time to pick my favorite books for the year, I find it hard to narrow it down. Pretty much all the books I gave 5 stars are favorites. That’s about 30, counting the novellas/short stories. … Continue reading


Favorite Books of. . .2008?


I was updating links on various yearly pages — up in the menu bar above — when I remembered, I never posted my top ten reads of 2008.  Initially, I had a hard time deciding — just like last year … Continue reading

Monthly Update – December 2011


Happy New Year! In December, I participated in two events.  They were the Top 10 Week and the Wrapping  Up 2011 Read-a-thon. The Top 10 Week was fun, but it was also a lot of work.  I had a difficult … Continue reading