REVIEW – Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh


(Note: I read this book for a game of Bookshelf Bingo on GoodReads.  This is the same review I posted for the challenge.  I have not modified it for my blog) It took me a bit to get into the … Continue reading

Spotlight On. . .Binding the Shadows by Jenn Bennett


Inspired by the many weekly memes about books. ~~ & ~~ Really like the cover on this one.  The color, serpent/dragon-looking image.  I have to say I’ve liked all the covers in the series, but this one is the favorite … Continue reading


Spotlight On. . .Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison


Inspired by the many weekly memes about books. ~~ & ~~ I’ve enjoyed much of this series so far.  This book re-visits Dragos and Pia. Pia’s on a diplomatic mission, while Dragos stays in New York to find replacements for … Continue reading


Spotlight On. . .Midnight Blue-Light Special by Seanan McGuire


Inspired by the many weekly memes about books. ~~ & ~~ The second book in the InCryptid series is one of my Most Anticipated Books of 2013.  Of the eleven books on that list, I’ve only read two, so far.  … Continue reading


Spotlight On. . .The Dark Gate by Pamela Palmer


Since February is usually associated with Valentine’s Day, this month’s theme will be romance. Not the most original idea, but it’s a starting point. My goal is to feature four different types/sub-genres: paranormal, contemporary, classic. This month, the featured Daughters … Continue reading