Philippa Carr’s Daughters of England Challenge

Duration: 2 years (2013-?)

Reading Schedule: 1st Year

26-28 January 2013 The Miracle at St. Bruno’s
2-10 March 2013 The Lion Triumphant
8-20 May 2013 The Witch from the Sea
26-30 June 2013 Saraband for Two Sisters
9-11 September 2013 Lament for a Lost Lover
18-25 January 2014 The Love Child
TBD The Song of the Siren
TBD Will You Love Me in September?
TBD The Adulteress

Reading Schedule: 2nd Year

TBD Knave of Hearts
TBD Voices in a Haunted Room
TBD The Return of the Gypsy
TBD Midsummer’s Eve
TBD The Pool of St. Branok
TBD The Changeling
TBD The Black Swan
TBD A Time for Silence
TBD The Gossamer Cord
TBD We’ll Meet Again



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