Themed Reading Challenge Wrap-Up


Thanks to Wendy for holding the challenge. To recap: The goal of the challenge was to read four books, with a common theme, in six months. The theme was left entirely up to the reader. My list (Books in RED … Continue reading

My Lady's Prisoner


Author: Ann Elizabeth Cree Copyright: 2003 (Harlequin); pgs. 297 Series: Historical #680 Sensuality: Subtle Who: Julia, Lady Carrington, and Nicholas Chandler, Viscount Thayne Lady Carrington’s husband was murdered three years ago. No one was arrested for the crime and it … Continue reading

April Lady


Author: Georgette Heyer Copyright: 1957 (original); 2005 (Harlequin); pgs. 347 Series: NA Sensuality: Kisses Who: Lady Helen “Nell” Irvine and Giles Merion, Earl of Cardross Summary: Despite the scandalous blemish on her family’s name, Lord Giles Cardross was convinced his … Continue reading

A Lady of Rare Quality


Author: Anne Ashley Copyright: 2006 (Harlequin); pgs. 297 Series: Harlequin Historical #200 (Regency) Sensuality: Kisses Who: Annis Milbank and Deverel Greythorpe (Viscount Greythorpe) Summary: They’ve never seen Viscount Greythorpe listen so intently when a lady speaks. To have caught the … Continue reading


Crusader's Lady


Author: Lynna Banning Copyright: 2007 (Harlequin); pgs. 293 Series: Harlequin Historical #842 Sensuality: Kisses/Warm Violence: nothing worth mentioning Where & When: Jerusalem, 1192 Who: Soraya al-Din and Marc de Valery Summary: King Richard has chosen Marc de Valery to be … Continue reading