Breaking radio silence..

I didn’t abandon this blog. just before Thanksgiving, I had a stroke. I’ve spent the last five months recuperating in Virginia, because that’s where my parents live.  I’m not 100% yet, but I’ve rehabilitated enough to go back to work. … Continue reading


Resorting to Plan B


Mini-reviews. Last autumn, I crashed my blog (which I haven’t had the time to finish reposting “lost” entries). I was behind with the scribblings that I call “reviews” before the event, and I was about to participate in the Read-a-Thon. … Continue reading

Disclosure and Why I Blog


I’ve been seeing a quiet a few of my fellow book bloggers making book disclosure post, stating where they get their books from. Apparently there is a perception that, if you have a blog, you do so in order to … Continue reading


On the plus side. . .


Being behind on reviews has had an unexpected plus side. By having that gap between finishing the book and when I actually sit down to put my thoughts on paper, I have a better take on which books stay with … Continue reading