WU2011 Read-a-thon – Finish Line


Final update. Somewhere along the way, I did the math wrong for number of pages read. I was off by 84 pages.  The error probably occurred when I was reading Catching Fire.  I may have even misread a page number … Continue reading

WU2011 Read-a-thon – Catching Up


Didn’t get any reading in on Tuesday and Wednesday. I should say “new” reading. I spent time re-reading parts of books I read earlier in the year, trying to take notes for the various end-of-year lists. Needless to say, not … Continue reading


WU2011 Read-a-thon – Update for 26 December


Finished Catching Fire and went ahead and started a Christmas story.  I hadn’t read one this season and I was in the mood.  Plus, I did sign up for a holiday-themed challenge (like I have every year the since 2007), … Continue reading


WU2011 Read-a-thon – Update for Christmas Day


Well, I read more yesterday than I did in the previous three days. However, phone calls to parents and siblings, and the need to work on the Top 10 Week post, took priority. I did not finish Catching Fire like … Continue reading

WU2011 Read-a-thon – Update for 24 December


HAPPY HOLIDAYS !! When I sat down to figure out how many pages I read yesterday, I realized I read the same number of pages as I did the day before. Weird. I will probably finish Catching Fire today. I … Continue reading