Reading My Name 2009


Reading My Name

What: Reading My Name 2009
When: 1 February – 30 June 2009
Who: Callista
Rules: Quoted from the blog:

Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to read at least two books by authors that share your name OR book titles with your name in them. They can share your first name, middle name or last name. They can share your nickname or online name or email name. They can share a form of your name. If you have a very rare name, just do your best to get as close as you can. (e.g. If your name is Raina, then Rain or Rayne would be okay.) The character can have the same name as you too.

Possible reads:

  • Shadow Game (Christine Feehan)
  • Night Rising (Chris Marie Green)
  • An Unladylike Offer (Christine Merrill)

I will track my progress here.


Reading My Name 2009 — 4 Comments

  1. This is about the 4th post I’ve seen for this challenge. I think I have to sign up now. I’m sooooo “Monkey see, monkey do” when it comes to challenges.

  2. Oh, me too! Mostly. There are challenges out there that I have no interest in.

    This one can be real easy, since it only requires two books. Did it last year and it was the first one of the year I completed. I know. Not that difficult. Except I didn’t have many books written by people named “Chris—–“.

  3. Thanks for participating. I think a lot of people assume they couldn’t do this one but with all those books out there, there has to be some that would fit and I make it so open, any name or part of your name and author or title or character.

    Come back to leave a link to your reviews.