That’s putting things mildly.

While updating to version WordPress 2.8.4, I goofed up — something needed to be deleted and I must of deleted the wrong thing. Even though I had a spiffy, up-to-date copy of the databases in a SQL file on my hard drive, the darn thing would not load.

Fortunately, I had kept the exported file from the version of my blog so I was able to restore all most everything.

Unfortunately, I made many changes and about 20 new posts since then. Any comments made after the date of the file (15 May 2009) are lost. Well, sort of. I still have the SQL file which I plan to use, along with Google Reader (thank goodness I subscribed to my own site!!), to reconstruct many of the posts. I obviously can’t reconstruct comments in the comment fields, but I may add an addendum to the post. For example, Beth F and I had a short conversation on one of my challenge updates — I’ll add it to the end of the post, with a link back to this one.

Next time I get a notice to upgrade, I’m making sure I make an export copy of the blog, along with copies of the databases before push the button.


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