2011 Romance Readers Reading Challenges (RRRC)

Instead of making separate pages for each of the challenges hosted by this Good Reads group, I’ve decided to track them all on one. Scroll down to see:

  • Toy Stories (Oct 10 – Apr 11) (Completed 15 Apr 11)
  • A-Z Titles (Jan – Dec 11)

Toy Stories Challenge

Toy Stories Challenge
Duration: 6 months (15 Oct 10 – 15 Apr 11)

1. Barbie: Hot Mama (Jennifer Estep) – heroine is a fashion designer. Also like Barbie — she’s a blue-eyed blonde 15 Apr 11
2. GI Joe: Song of Scarabaeus (Creasy, Sara) — Finn is a former soldier 23 Mar 11
3. Easy Bake Oven: A Taste of Magic (Madison, Tracy) — heroine owns a bakery 31 Mar 11
4. Hot Wheels: Unchained (Ashwood, Sharon) — motorcycle on cover; Ashe drives a Ducati 26 Feb 11
5. Lite Brite: Buffalo West Wing (Julie Hyzy) – bright, colorful cover 16 Jan 11
6. Rock’em Sock’em Robots: Blood Spells (Jessica Andersen) — Characters are warrior-mages. 20 Feb 11
7. Cabbage Patch Kids: Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) 6 Apr 11
8. Etch-A-Sketch: The Painted Lady (Barbara Metzger) — hero is a painter. 10 Jan 11
9. Connect Four: Not Without Her Family — title w/four words 24 Jan 11
10. Raggedy Ann & Andy: Whisper Kiss (Cooke, Deborah) — red cover 28 Feb 11

Extra Credit:
Action figures (a Star Wars novel): Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil (Drew Karpyshyn) 6 Feb 11
Card games: Paying the Virgin’s Price (Christine Merrill) – hero is a gambler; so was the heroine’s father 12 Mar 11.

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A-Z Book (titles)
1 Jan – 31 Dec 11

A –
B – Black Wings (Christina Henry) 4 Jan 11
C – Caressed by Ice (Singh, Nalini) {22 May 11}
D – Darth Bane:  Dynasty of Evil (Drew Karpyshyn) 6 Feb 11
E –
F – Frostbound (Ashwood, Sharon) {13 Jun 11}
G –
H – The Hunger Games (Collins, Suzanne) {6 Apr 11}
I –
J – Jedi Twilight (Reaves, Michael) {17 Jul 11}
K – Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Vaugh, Carrie) {19 Mar 11}
L – Lord and the Wayward Lady, The (Allen, Louise) {20 Jan 11}
M – Magic Lost Trouble Found (Shearin, Lisa) {21 May 11}
N – Not Without Her Family (Andrews, Beth) {24 Jan 11}
O –
P – Painted Lady, The (Metzger, Barbara) {10 Jan 11}
Q – Queen of Shadows (Sylvan, Dianne) {14 Mar 11}
R – Renegade Angel (Castle, Kendra Leigh) {6 Jun 11}
S – Song of Scarabaeus (Creasy, Sara) {23 Mar 11}
T – A Taste of Magic (Madison, Tracy) {31 Mar 11}
U – Unchained (Ashwood, Sharon) {26 Feb 11}
V – Visions of Magic (Hastings, Regan) {24 Apr 11}
W – Whisper Kiss (Cooke, Deborah {28 Feb 11}
X – Just the Sexiest Man Alive (James, Julie) {2 Jun 11}
Y –
Z –


2011 Romance Readers Reading Challenges (RRRC) — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Lindy!

    I’m a bit confused. You want to read the same books I’m reading for this challenge?? I don’t always choose, in advance, every book because I might not be in the mood to read a certain book or something new catches my interest. I can give you the link to the RULES for this challenge, so you can pick your own books that fit.

    You don’t need to be a member of the group to read the posts, but you won’t be able to make a comment there unless you are a member of that particular group.

    Toy Stories Challenge

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for stopping by!

        • Lindy,
          “war”? Do you mean, the Action Figure category, where I chose to read a Star Wars novel? I finished that book on February 6th. This category, along with the Card Games, were Reader’s Choice categories. Pick any two favorite toys. Some people got really creative and picked Stuffed Animals so they could read shape-shifter books (wolves, dragons, etc.)

          Lite Brite (I just added my choice) — a colorful cover (3 or more colors).

          The Connect Four category can be: the 4th book of a series OR the title can be four words long.

          Raggedy Ann and Andy: feature a red-head character OR a red cover

          I hope that helps!

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