Monthly Update – April 2011



Another good reading month, and another good month for the New Author challenge. There is a good chance I will complete this challenge by the end of May. Also, there is a strong possibility that the Bingo game will wrap up in a week or two. The last round was called after ten shelves, and the moderator just called the 9th shelf this weekend. We’re now at the point where there are six specific “Bingo-winning” shelves that, if called next, could give a team their five-in-a-row. My team the has three potential four-in-a-rows now. We have a chance to win if one of our three specific shelves are called. To get an idea of what I mean, I’m posting our most current Bingo card. “Paranormal-fiction“, “favorite-series“, and “vampires” have been called — the team is busily reading our picks so we can earn our stamps.  Our three “Bingo-winning” shelves are “series-to-read“, “magic“, and “time-travel“.  As you can see, there are more than six possible shelves remaining, so there’s also a chance none of the six will be called.  For instance, “ghosts” or “witches” might increase a team’s chances, but they’re not currently in a position to give any team a Bingo if called next.

Bingo card moved.

The Read-a-thon. It was a total bust for me. It took place the same weekend of the potential government shut-down. In case you didn’t know, I am a government employee. Not a good weekend. I’m not sure if I will be participating in the fall Read-a-thon. I’ve had better luck during the fall time frame, but I rather read than get on-line every hour or so. We’ll see how things go.

New Additions — Well, I tried.  Apparently, weekly posts are not my forte.   And that’s okay.  I’ll stick with this monthly update.  Maybe I’ll start incorporating what I bought for the month.  I went on a buying spree the same weekend as the potential shutdown (crazy, I know, but it was something I had already planned on doing).  I won’t list what I bought, but I purchased about thirty books.  It was awesome.

I’ve joined Ruby’s Reads Secret  Summer Santa.  It’s like the Holiday Swap, except it in the summer.

Audiobooks.  I really need to charge my iPod.

Books Read:

Note: “Goodreads” means the book fit one or more of the challenges hosted by the various groups I joined. The link is to my tracking post on that site. “Personal” means the book fit one or more of the challenges I’m doing for myself (not hosted somewhere else). The link is to the master list under the “2011” tab.


Note: I will continue to count audiobooks toward “total pages read”, using the physical book’s page count. If I own a copy, the page number will be the page the story ends on (not counting any excepts, author’s notes, etc.). If I don’t, I will get the page number from a on-line source (Amazon, Goodreads, etc). Unless otherwise noted, the audiobooks count toward the two audiobook challenges only.

  • NONE

2010 – 2011 Backlogged Reviews:


The Challenges:

Challenges Completed this month:
Toy Stories Challenge (

Incomplete (Ended in April):

2010-2011 Challenges:
Connie Willis Mini Challenge: 2/2 ** will continue until ending date

2011 Challenges:
2nds Challenge: 3/12
Audiobook Challenge: 5/20
Blogger Recommendation: 1/5
Contemporary Romance: 1/10
Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies: 1/6
Harlequin/Silhouette: 1/6
Historical Fiction Challenge: 3/15
Men in Uniform (6-10 books): 5/?
New Authors: 11/15
Off the Shelf: 10/30
Pub 2011: 2/11
Retold Fairy Tales: 0/3
Romance Reading: 3/5
SF Romance: 1/5
Whisper Stories in My Ear (audio): 5/12

Perpetual Challenges:
101 Fantasy Challenge (Month): 0
101 Fantasy Challenge (Year): 0
Grand Total since 2009: 3
~~ & ~~
Georgette Heyer (Month): 0
Georgette Heyer (Year): 1
Grand Total since 2008: 3
~~ & ~~
In Death (Month): 0
In Death (Year): 0
Grand Total since 2010: 0

Totals (Monthly/Yearly)

Total Read (Month): 6
Total Heard (Month):0
Grand Total (Year): 26
~~ & ~~
Total Audio Hours(Month): 0
Total Audio Hours (Year): 63h, 26m
~~ & ~~
Total Pages Read (Month): 2,189
Grand Total (Year): 8,663


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