Monthly Update – November 2012


On 29 November, I reached my goal of 80 books.  I finished two books that day, The Christmas Carrolls (Barbara Metzger) and Veil of Midnight (Lara Adrian).  It kind of sneaked up on me:  I forgot that I planned on counting the Harry Potter novels towards total books read — unlike Jane Austen.  If I had counted the two Jane Austen novels, my total would be 82.  Since I’ve met all three goals — 80 books; 20,000 pages; 39,000 points — I’m declaring the Reading Has Its Rewards Challenge officially completed.  I will still keep track, to see how many books/pages/points I reach by the end of the year.  I will continue contributing $2.00 per book read also.

I read a total of nine books in November, two of which were ebooks (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and The Christmas Carrolls).  I don’t think I would have read as much had I not taken my e-reader to work.  Also, a lucky re-read of the task requirements for the Seasonal Reading Challenge made me realize I could rack up another 80 points if I finished a few more books — Veil of Midnight was specifically read to give me my last 20 points!

In November, I created my own weekly feature.  It wasn’t planned.  Spotlight On. . . came about after the hostess of the meme I just started participating in didn’t post a link-up and it got me thinking.  I really do like the Throwback Thursday meme (it had a small following and there is less chance of bloggers featuring the same books), but I realized that I wanted something different.  I wanted something more flexible — where I could feature a new or old book, plan out a monthly theme, feature a series or an author.  I could have participated in multiple memes, but I just wanted one weekly meme, for the time being.  I’ve already planned out December and January’s themes, and the last Wednesday of the month will feature a book from the Daughters of England series by Philippa Carr.

The other feature launched in November was one that I’d planned on.  I posted my first quarterly/seasonal reading list.  The core of these lists will be the Daughters of England books and, at least until May, a challenge over at Goodreads.  Starting with the Spring Reading List, there were will be more books that fit the other 2013 reading challenges I signed up for.

Currently, I’ve only signed up for The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge and the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge.  Bev is hosting the Mount TBR Challenge again, which I plan on joining.  I’ve passed up several that I’ve signed up for in the past (whether I’ve been successful with the challenge or not), but I haven’t totally ruled them out at this point either.  I’m re-assessing them later this month.

Speaking of reassessing. . . I’m thinking of not doing my Reading Has Its Rewards Challenge for 2013.  I’m having a difficult time determining end goals and points, and how to keep track and report on my progress.  I won’t feel too guilty about it because I won’t be depriving First Book of a charitable donation from me in 2013: I do payroll deductions and I’ve added them to next year’s list, which already included  Reading is Fundamental.  If I do end up doing it, it will not be like this year’s.

The other two personal challenges are up: A Baker’s Dozen and Philippa Carr’s Daughters of England.

Books Read

Note: All books count toward my personal “Reading Has Its Rewards ” challenge. Exceptions will be noted.
  • Summoning the Night (Jenn Bennett) {10 Nov 12}
  • Dark Awakening (Kendra Leigh Castle) {11 Nov 12}
  • Black Lament (Christina Henry) {12 Nov 12}
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (J. K. Rowling) {21 Nov 12)
  • Second Grave on the Left (Darynda Jones) {21 Nov 12}
  • Blameless (Gail Carriger) {25 Nov 12}
  • Holiday Hideout (V. L. Thompson, J. Shalvis, J. Kenner) {26 Nov 12} – Christmas Spirit
  • Veil of Midnight (Lara Adrian) {29 Nov 12}
  • The Christmas Carrolls (Barbara Metzger) {29 Nov 12} – Christmas Spirit Challenge

Reviews added this month.

  • None

Challenges Completed this month:
Reading Has Its Rewards – all three goals met.

Incomplete (Ended in November):

= Will complete; = Maybe; X = Won’t

2012 Challenges:
X By the Dozen (personal) – 29/36
Harlequin/Silhouette Reading Challenge -4/6
Romance Reading Challenge – 4/5
Sci-Fi Reading Challenge (6-10) – 6/?
What’s in a Name 5 Reading Challenge – 5/6

2012-2013 Challenges:
Year of the Dragon Reading Challenge(personal/GoodReads) – 3
The Christmas Spirit Challenge – 2/?

Perpetual Challenges:
101 Fantasy Challenge (Month): 0
101 Fantasy Challenge (Year): 5
Grand Total since 2009: 17
~~ & ~~
Georgette Heyer (Month): 0
Georgette Heyer (Year): 1
Grand Total since 2008: 5
~~ & ~~
In Death (Month): 0
In Death (Year): 2
Grand Total since 2010: 3
~~ & ~~
X Reading the RITAs (Month): 0
Reading the RITAs (Year): 2
Grand Total since 2011: 4

Totals (Monthly/Yearly)

Total Read (Month): 9
Total Heard (Month): 0
Grand Total w/o Audiobooks (Year): 80
Grand Total w/Audiobooks (Year): 81
~~ & ~~
Total Audio Hours(Month): 0
Total Audio Hours (Year): 7h, 19m
~~ & ~~
Total Pages Read (Month): 2,785
Grand Total w/o Audiobooks (Year): 27,393
Grand Total w/Audiobooks (Year): 27,773

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