The Christmas Inn by Stella MacLean

The Christmas Inn

The Christmas Inn
(Stella MacLean)

Title: The Christmas Inn
Author: Stella MacLean
Copyright: 2012 (Harlequin); 282 pgs.
ISBN: 978-0-373-71817-7
Series: Super Romance #1817
Genre: Contemporary Romance

From the back: As a favor to her brother, Marnie McLaughlan has agreed to spend Christmas at the lovely Mirabel Inn — as a mystery guest. But Marnie knows this favor is bound to be complicated because the owners need a confidential report immediately. Marnie’s impressions could affect their decision to sell.

From the outset, the inn is not what she expects. . .and neither is the manager, Luke Harrison. She quickly develops a rapport with this very attractive widower and his adorable little boy. He knows something is up, yet she can’t tell him that the inn –which is home to Luke and his son — is in danger. Marnie’s torn between her obligation to her brother and her growing love for Luke. Fortunately, things have a way of working out at Christmas!

Comments: For the most part I really enjoyed the book. I loved the setting. I really liked Luke and his staff. He cares about them and they in turn look after him and his son, Ethan. And, of course, he’s a great dad. Living and working at the inn allows him to spend as much time as he can with the little boy. If the owners were to sell the inn, Luke is concerned about uprooting Ethan and finding another situation that would allow him to have his son with him as much as possible.

As for Marnie, she’s willing to start over from scratch, when it came to business.  She realizes that her recent restlessness was brought on by a desire for a new challenge.  The presence of her business partner’s fiancee may have help matters along, but Marnie had already been feeling the need for change.

She’s also got a good sense for business and handling people.  Marnie ends up helping the staff at the inn when the weather makes it difficult for the employees to change shifts.  Ethan takes a shine to her and she bonds with him, playing with him and his dog, Henry.

Of all the Christmas-themed books I’ve read in December, I felt this one had the most Christmas-y feel to it.

Start: 5 December 2012
Finished: 6 December 2012

Enjoyable Read! Held my interest and I felt I got my money’s worth. I would still recommend this book and read more from this author. Give away/swap.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book.
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